Monday, October 31, 2016

Kennedy and new comp: Elder Gonzalez

Hey Mom!!!!!
Thanks for the pictures and emails, I am doing great and my companion's name is Elder Gonzalez, he is from El Salvador in Central America, I realized I have had 3 companions from Central America now. He is a really cool guy, we are getting to know the area a bit more, and I remember most of the area but there is a lot that wasn`t part of my area when I was here so we did get a bit lost this week. But everything is good, the members help us a lot and we will have lots of lunches and food, so no worries. A lot of the members told me that I am more skinnier than when I was in Kennedy before haha.
The best part was seeing that some of the contacts that I started when I was here that were baptized. There was a lady named Martha that we worked with a lot, and we eventually had to stop visiting her because she wasn`t progressing.  I guess the missionaries returned after a while and she was baptized, and some other contacts I knew were baptized too, they remembered when I had visited them for the first time.
This week when we arrived we had 2 baptisms that were former contacts and we had the opportunity to teach them and they had their baptismal interviews and were baptized.  Their mom is now investigating the church too.
It's crazy to see the little gospel seeds that we plant in the lives of the people that we talk to, and sometimes we don`t see the fruits of our labors but there are many, like it says in Alma 36.
We also recieved the news that we can wear sombreros (hats) and I am very happy for that due to the heat. I haven`t gotten the packages you guys sent yet but we will have a zone training this Tuesday so maybe I will get them there. Other than that, not too much new, I am happy to be back in Kennedy and I know there is a lot of work to do, which makes me even happier. Hope you have a great week and tell Allan I say hi, and to keep going strong to leave for his mission!!!! Have a great week mom! Happy Halloween!!!!! 馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟
Elder Spiro

Last lunch in Thompson

Saying Adios to the people of Thompson

Baptisms in Kennedy of former contacts

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