Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New People, Places and Food

I'm doing really well. I really wish I could send you pictures of the stuff I have seen so far, but for some reason when I plug in my camera to the computer it freaks out. Nonetheless, I'm doing good, Spanish is getting a lot better and this week I taught a lot more in the lessons, and I'm starting to understand a lot more of the fast-speaking Paraguayans. 

My companion and I hang out with the kids a lot, I have been teaching them a little English and helping them with their math homework. The members are very nice too. We have had a lot of great meals from them and some interesting ones too. The empanadas they have here are awesome. One of our investigators' Mom always makes us Empanadas when we come over to visit. She is Catholic but she sees how the church can change her son's life. Our first lesson was awesome with them, they were crying and sharing their testimonies and stories of their lives and I could tell they could really feel the spirit. 

My companion is super awesome too. He is from Peru and speaks Spanish and Italian. He is very helpful during our studies and is very patient. I have been teaching him a little English as well, we read the Book of Mormon together in Spanish and English. He has been in Paraguay for 6 months and in this area for 3 months. He said that after the 12 weeks he trains me, that I might train someone in this area, which is a little scary to think about.

The weather has been good, it hasn't rained much but it gets really nice during the night and decently warm during the day. We walk around constantly, so I'm always super tired by the end of the day.

Anyways, hope everyone is doing well at home and it seems like you all had a good time in California, I am praying for all of you and hope you are enjoying the summer.

Love you,
Elder Spiro

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Elder Spiro arrives in Paraguay

Hi Everyone,

This is where we will post pictures and letters from Alex as he serves a mission in Asuncion, Paraguay. He spent 6 weeks in the Mexico City MTC learning to teach in Spanish and loved it there. He arrived at the mission home on June 15 and we recieved his first letter on the 22nd. He didn't have any pictures of the area yet, but hopefully he can find a computer that can handle sending some. Thank you, Erica Young, for helping set up the blog! Here is his first letter from the field:

It's awesome to see all of the emails I have gotten lately, especially from you guys. Paraguay has been very tough but rewarding as well. My companion´s name is Elder Chalco, and he is super awesome and helpful. He doesn't speak any English, so it has been kind of tough to communicate, but I have learned a lot of Espanol. We live in a town called Paraguari in Asuncion, and everyone has said that a lot of people get baptized here, so that's a good sign. I live in an apartment with my companion and another American and his companion. Elder Chalco has showed me how to cook a few meals, so I'm learning a bunch. 

I'll try to include some pictures, but the computer I am using is very slow and bad. We aren't allowed to take pictures while we are proselyting, so I haven't had much time. We attended a baptism on Saturday, and the ward had a Father's Day party as well. The members were very nice and they taught me and the other American some Guarani. Our lessons have gone well, I usually don't speak much because everyone talks so fast but when I do talk I enjoy it.

I hope Father's Day was good for you all, I wish I could have talked to you, but I guess the call at the airport counts. Anyways, I hope you are all having a good summer and I'm keeping you in my prayers.