Monday, October 24, 2016

Tranfers and a soup that bites back

Hola Mama,
Thanks for your emails and pictures, no worries about my health, I am doing good and my toenail is healing well, they have all the medicine I need here so all is good. The news of this week is that I will be transferred to a new area!  I will be going to one of the areas I have been in before, an area named Kennedy. I will be the senior companion and we will be arriving in "Whitewash", which is when 2 missionaries arrive to an area at the same time, but luckily I remember a bit of the area so I`m not too worried.
It's kind of sad to have to leave my companion, he is a great guy and we got along well, it's really different when I have had American companions, I haven`t had any bad companions, but there is a difference when we are from the same country.
My week was good, the highlight as you guys saw was eating the piranha soup, we didn`t eat the piranha head, just the rest, but it was good! It tasted like any other fish really, not very different. I never thought that I would eat piranha in my life, let alone in Paraguay, but apparently they fish a lot of piranha here in the rivers. Sister Frontela had made us something else to eat, but she said she had some piranha soup left over and we decided to try it too haha.
Not much else this week, just the family that we had found couldn`t attend church because they were out of town, but they said they will come this next week for sure! They are really interested, and they were all waiting for us to get to their house on Saturday to teach them hopefully I will receive the news that they get baptized and I would be very happy.
I recently have been reading that part that you read to your class in 3 Nephi, it's very interesting to compare that part with the Bible, they are very similar.
I will try to get the picture book to Allan in some way, Kennedy is close to Thompson, we'll see what I can do so no worries. I still have my little tree from last year but I had to gift my advent calendar because there was no space in my suitcase, sorry :/
That's about it, next week you will have pictures of when I go to say goodbye to everyone, thanks again and hope you have an awesome week! Can`t wait to hear from you soon!
Elder Spiro

A family that lives near the elders

Some branch members

A kitty neighbor

In front of the church

Piranha soup!

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