Monday, October 3, 2016

Conference notes

Hey Mom,
Glad to hear everyone is well and I hope you all enjoyed conference, we were able to watch it in the branch house here in Thompson, normally they just have it in the stake center but they had it in all the church buildings for this conference. The only problem was that it was only in Spanish, and its not that I don`t understand, it's just different when it's not the speaker`s actual voice. But I enjoyed it, and I also really like the talk from Elder Cornish, sometimes we always make comparisons and really we shouldn`t, everyone is different and progresses differently. I also enjoyed Elder Bednar`s talk, he is always very specific and uses a lot of doctrine in his talks, and its very interesting to hear different forms of the things we are studying every day.
We unfortunatelty didn`t have any investigators come to church, we had invited a ton and we went in between the conference sessions to invite people, but nobody came. It's another lesson for me that people have their agency, we just need to do our part and invite and testify. We do have investigators, we just need to help them understand more and see if they have a desire to progress.
I wasn`t feeling too well during the conference either, I couldn`t concentrate very well, but no worries, I`m sure it was just a stomach virus and I am feeling better now. Today we are going to go to the temple to clean so that should be a great experience as always.
Not much else new, we are helping Allan to prepare for his mission, and I have been thinking a lot this past week in my personal conversion to the gospel. A lot of times as missionaries we study and learn things to help investigators or members when they have a question or problem, and sometimes they accept what we teach and sometimes they don`t, but I think what we as missionaries don`t realize is that the things we learn and live help us to become more converted every day and to live what we teach and have experiences is the best way to gain a testimony.
Not much else this week, just working hard and trying to do my best, hopefully I will feel better these next few days and thanks for the pictures and updates! I am feeling good, just a bit tired but that is normal, I am eating better now, and that helps a bit too. Have a great week! Hopefully the Utes can win this week!!!!
Elder Spiro

Family home evening

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