Monday, January 25, 2016

Week of 1/25/16: Staying Cool!

¿Como esta Mama? I`m really good and happy, it is pretty cool having a companion that is American, but we talked a little too much in English and it was affecting our Spanish a little, so we decided to only speak in Spanish from now on haha. Everything is good though, but he was a little sick this week so we had to go to the hospital a few times in Asuncion, and that took up most of our time for the week, but we were able to visit a few new people and survive the heat haha. It is a lot nicer than the city though, because there is no concrete here besides a few roads and the heat is not as bad thankfully. And we don`t have to pay for the A/C in our apartment because it's included in the rent, so we are always using it a lot when we are in the apartment. 

Not much else exciting, none of our investigators came to church but we are going to search a lot this week for new investigators and less active members, because we always find new investigators with the less active members. The little 10 year old boy couldn`t come, but we talked to his Mom, and she is really nice and there are a lot of people that live in their house, which is awesome. We had a zone training video this week, there was a video for all the missionaries in the world from the first presidency and quorum of the 12, and it was all about the mission work, it was really helpful. 

Not much else new, I bought a pretty cool Paraguayan blanket and some other cool stuff, and a member that washes our clothes can sew, she makes really cool sombreros so I`ll probably ask for one of those. Let me know if you want something cool sewn :) But thanks for all the updates and pictures Mom, I`ll take some more pictures this week of the new apartment and my companion and me, too. Can`t wait to hear from you next week and hope you guys are all good and enjoying the nice weather! I keep all of you in my prayers every day!

Rohayhu (Love you in Guarani),
Elder Spiro

Alex' companion on the left and Elder Sherwood, who left for his mission the same day as Alex and we met at the Phoenix airport. Three Arizona boys!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New area: Kennedy, San Lorenzo and new companion, Elder Bowyer

Hola Mama!

Como estas? Estoy bien y feliz, We had transfers this week and we found out that my companion and I are both leaving! So now I'm here in my new area, its called Kennedy, in the city of San Lorenzo. My companion is American too, the first American companion I`ve had. He just completed his training, so this is his 3rd transfer of his mission. I`m working a lot with him with his Spanish and talking more during lessons and it has been a big help for me too, talking more and learning to explain and teach things more clearly.

Our area is really awesome, we have lunches with members basically every day and everyone is so nice here, I`m not in the city anymore so the houses are very poor and the people are very humble. The people are on their summer breaks so a lot are home and willing to let us share our message. We taught a 10 year old buy this week, he is very smart and reminds me a lot of Elias, and he came to church this week! His Mom brought him, she isn`t a member, and we invited her to attend, but she said she had to go back for her baby. So we will be continuing to teach them and helping them progress.

It has been very warm here lately, so I have been wearing a lot of sunscreen and drinking a lot of water. The area is really great, not too big, but lots of plants and houses, and lots of opportunities for service too! Not much else new, I`m the senior companion for the first time on my mission which is pretty cool, but I won`t be prideful about it, that's a problem at times, when a missionary receives a calling, he gets prideful. I know that is not what Christ would want us to be like.

Anyways, glad you had a good week and fun time up in Utah, hope Uncle Scott had a good bday! Hope you have a good week working at the school again! Thanks for everything Mom and can`t wait to hear from you next week, always keeping you in my prayers!

Te Amo!!!!
Elder Spiro

Last dinner in Fernando de la Mora

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week of 1/11/15

Estoy muy bien gracias y estoy feliz que ustedes estan bien tambien. This week has been very warm and the days are very sunny and humid. I have been drinking a lot of water and walking in the shade as much as I can. Not much news, none of our investigators came to church unfortunately, but we are currently reactivating a less-active member and it has been a rewarding experience. He is a man that is 69 years old but very humble and nice and is always willing to help us and always is looking for references for us. He showed us his house the other day, and it made me tear up, he only has a small room with a bed and his shelf with a bunch of stacks of papers, he doesn`t have water or light either. He has to take showers at one of his friends houses. He showed us his framed line of authority for the priesthood and a Hymn book the sister missionaries had given him before. He is such a great example to me of putting the Lord first and living with what he has and being grateful for everything. I think I can learn a lot from him and have.
We have also had a few crazy experiences this week, we were walking down the street one day and a lady ran out of her house frantically asking for help, so we ran in and there was a man that was passed out but breathing sporadically and so we helped them quickly move him into their car to go to the hospital, his head was moving around and his mouth, I don`t know what had happened though. We are going to pass by this week to see if he is okay, so we are keeping him in our prayers. We also passed by a house with about 20 cats in the front yard, I forgot to take a picture for you guys, but they were all just laying around and a lady was sitting in her chair with one in her lap haha.
Not much else, just working hard and trying to do my best. I sent you guys a letter about a month ago, don`t know if you have gotten it yet. Glad to see you guys are having a busy week, and I liked all the pictures and especially the one of you guys at the Feed My Starving Children. I will make sure to send Nana a letter too, hopefully it will get there fast. Anyways, thanks again Mom and hope you have a great week! I keep you in my prayers and keep up your BoM reading! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Feliz Ano Nuevo 2016

Hola Mama!

Feliz Ano Nuevo!!!! 2016! Our New Years Eve wasn`t very exciting to be honest, we were allowed to stay up a little later and we also had a big dinner with one of the families in the ward. We aren`t allowed to shoot off fireworks unfortunately, but we live on the 4th floor of a building so we got to see all the fireworks being shot off, and I took a video of it. We also had a PDay all day for the 1st of January which was cool, and we had our district activity. We played soccer, volleyball, ping pong and ate some food, not too exciting, but as missionaries it was a good time!

It has been getting warmer and warmer here lately, and at times its difficult to walk in the streets, but luckily everyone is nice and always gives us water. We also found a really cool family on Sunday, we talked to the Dad as a contact, but the whole family came out to talk, and they asked a lot of questions which is really cool. We have one investigator who attends church regularly but she can`t get baptized yet because she has to get divorced [from her former spouse] and then get married with her boyfriend that she`s living with. We are going to help her move this Saturday and we will talk a little more about it with her.

Not much else, I`m continuing to read the BoM everyday and I`m glad you guys are continuing every week, so congrats on that! I hope you have a great week and thanks again for all the updates and pictures! Can`t wait to hear from you soon!

Te Amo Mucho!!!!!!
Elder Spiro

New Years Day breakfast

A whole lotta dogs at the district activity