Monday, November 7, 2016

Rocio's baptism and other successes

Hey Mom,
Thanks for all the stuff you sent this week, and I think tomorrow I will get the packages you guys sent me :) I think I will be able to get it to Allan someway so no worries about the book.
I`m glad that you guys enjoyed your Halloween and ate a bunch of candy haha, I had a great week, they didn`t celebrate Halloween here but we had a good week, it has been super warm here but I will buy my sombrero today so that should help a lot.
We had Rocio`s baptism and it went great! Not as many members came but everything turned out great and she is very happy and excited to be a member, she has some friends in the young women, so that helps. Her and her family who were less active members are coming to church every week, they are a very nice family and are happy to be attending church again, they ask us a lot of stuff about the temple and what they can do to prepare to enter.
The mom of the 2 little girls, Mabel told us after the baptism that she decided that she wants to get married so that she can get baptized! A lot of miracles are happening in this area, and I am thankful to help the Lord complete His work here in Kennedy. We planned with her and her boyfriend to have it December 2nd, right before we have transfers, she had a few doubts about getting married, but we talked to her a lot about the reasons the family is blessed when we keep the commandments and also when the families can be sealed in the temple.
We are also teaching another man that we found this week as we were walking down the street, he yelled something at us and then we went to talk to him, and he said he wanted to change his bad habits and his life. He has problems with drinking and smoking, but we talked a lot about repentance and faith, to help him understand the Atonement, he wasn`t able to attend church on Sunday, a member passed by to walk with him but he wasn`t home.
We are also teaching a lady who is in a wheelchair, her name is Edi and she has had a very tough life, her parents abandoned her and now she has to work to be able to live with a family that basically adopted her. When she attended church for the first time she told us she felt a peace that she has never felt before and it is unlike any other place she has been. We wheeled her wheelchair on Sunday to go to church and a member gave her a ride to her house after. She is a very nice lady, it will just be tough for her to attend church.
That's about it, we are working hard and finding more people to teach, hope you have a great week and can`t wait to hear from you soon! I am doing awesome and the time is passing by way too fast!!!!!
Elder Spiro

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Rocio's baptism

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