Monday, October 10, 2016

Week of 10/10/16

Hola mama!!!
First I have to say sorry that there won`t be any pictures this week, the computers we are using don`t have the USB plug to connect my camera, but next week for sure!!!!!
I am jealous of your Harry Potter world experience, and the pictures are awesome! It's cool that Ryan works there, I like all the details they put in everything, were there a lot of people there when you guys went? 
Thanks for the stuff you are sending, I will be sending the Christmas cards soon, so I`ll try to send them more earlier this year, I sent Nana a card but I don`t know when it will get there. 

Everything else is great, we didn`t have any investigators come to church and there were only about 34-36 people at church, we don`t know why. We left Sunday with hopes to find new people and we searched and searched even though we were tired and I was a bit stressed, and about the last house we contacted for the day we found a awesome family that was very nice and willing to listen, the only problem is that the husband works from Monday to Saturday and at his work all day. But, we are going to keep being obedient and working hard and I know the blessings will come.
Everything else has been good, my companion was a bit sick this week but I am much better, trying to eat less candy and junk food, more fruits and meats to give me energy and it is helping a lot. I am learning a lot about patience and hope in this area, sometimes we have a lot of people to teach and at other times we search all day long and we can`t find anyone, but I have learned to accept the will of the Lord before wanting the things to happen when I want them to happen, and I am grateful for that.
For the Christmas package, the only 2 things I need is some P90x Cds, the ones that have exercises where I don`t need weights (Dad can help you to find which ones) and duct tape, but just a little bit. The problem with books/movies is that we can  only read and watch the stuff that has the church seal on it, a lot of the stuff is about the church but not made by the church. The CTR rings from last year were great, I have handed them out to the people I have baptized. Maybe some little things like a card holder for my temple reccommend, I know they sell stuff like that at the Deseret Book store.
But thanks Mom for everything, hope you have a great week and let me know if I can do anything for you guys, can`t wait to hear from you soon and always keeping you in my prayers!!!! Go Utes!!!!
Elder Spiro

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