Monday, February 1, 2016

Week of 2/1/2016

Hola Mama! 

¿como estas? Estoy super bien y gracias para su español, me ayuda leyendo y escribiendo también. Anyways, thanks for your email and pictures as always. We had a hard-working week. We had a zone training at the stake center and I learned a lot. President Wilson is focusing a lot on the self-sufficiency of the missionaries and putting a lot of trust in us. We are learning more about obedience because we have more rules now. It is good though, I have been thinking a lot lately personally and how I can be a better missionary and be a true representative (I forgot how to spell that word haha) of Christ. I also got the Christmas card you sent, I like the picture you picked for me, that is one of my favorites, I put the card on my desk to look at. 

We had our investigator Carlos (the 10 year old boy) come to church on Sunday. We passed by and talked to his mom and dad, but his dad wasn`t home and taught them. The mom always brings Carlos to church but she has 2 little babies and can`t attend herself. We are going to pass by with another family this week and share a video I think.

We are also helping a less active member to come back to church who is super awesome. His name is Marcelo, he always went with the missionaries before to lessons but he fell away and had some problems with addictions, now we are helping him and he has a facebook page, I think there are some pictures of us on there.  Luckily the weather was better this week and not too much heat, that helps a lot walking around all day.

I sent you guys letters for Christmas, hopefully they get there soon, and thanks for sending me a bday package mom, I really appreciate it. Anyways, hope everything goes good at the school this week and say hi to Nicole for me, I`ll try to ask around if anyone knows Elder Struhs, is he new? I feel good so don`t worry about sicknesses or anything Mom, I use bug repellent and we sleep with the A/C at night. Thanks again for everything and can`t wait to hear from you soon! Always keeping you in my prayers!

Rohayhu Mama!!!!
Tu hijo,
Elder Spiro

At some point you embrace the rain and decide umbrellas are for wimps.

At a zone meeting

Elder Spiro and his latest zone


  1. Hello! I am Elder Bowyer's (Alex's comp) girlfriend and also I went to Highland too! I get all of the pictures from Marcelo on Facebook if you want me to send them to you, just let me know!

  2. Hi Madeline! So nice to meet you! I tried friending Marcelo but don't know if I have the right one. I would love any and all pictures! My email: