Monday, February 8, 2016

Week of 2/8/16

Gracias para su email! I`m doing great and working hard! It was a really warm week but luckily we have passed the middle of summer so it will be cooling down a little more before my bday. It was cool that you got a chance to talk to Marcelo, he`s really cool. He was baptized about 7 years ago but fell away from the church because he had some problems with addictions. But now we are helping him come back and drop the addictions he had, he comes with us to lessons and helps a lot because sometimes the people don`t always understand the complicated things we teach, so he helps to simplify everything. He went with the missionaries for years before us to help them teach too, so its a big help for us.

We didn`t have any investigators come to church but we have found a lot of new people to teach which is awesome. We talked with a lady yesterday that is a friend of a member and after I said the opening prayer for the lesson, she started crying, it was a very powerful moment, something so simple as a prayer, the spirit can work in many ways. We also found a lady who had talked with the missionaries before but she went on a vacation and they never had the opportunity to talk to her again until us, and she was very nice and had a lot of questions which is always helpful for us.

Everything is going good, we are working hard to strengthen the ward, because sometimes when we get to an area the missionaries didn`t work well before with the ward, so we are having a lot more activities and visiting a lot of members and [performing] service. The time is passing by faster and faster each day, its kind of sad that I`ll never get that time back in my mission, but I know I just need to keep looking forward and think positive because if I`m thinking negative, our results will be down. That's something else I`ve learned: a lot of what happens in life depends on your own attitude.

Anyways, thanks for the emails and pictures as always and hope you enjoy the short break you have from work. My bday is in a month now, I can`t believe I will be completing 20 years of my life. Its super loco, and everything is too fast! Hope you have a great week and can`t wait to hear from you soon!

Te Amo!
Tu hijo,
Elder Spiro
Elder Spiro's work space

His bed, and even more important, University of Utah pillowcase!

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