Monday, January 25, 2016

Week of 1/25/16: Staying Cool!

¿Como esta Mama? I`m really good and happy, it is pretty cool having a companion that is American, but we talked a little too much in English and it was affecting our Spanish a little, so we decided to only speak in Spanish from now on haha. Everything is good though, but he was a little sick this week so we had to go to the hospital a few times in Asuncion, and that took up most of our time for the week, but we were able to visit a few new people and survive the heat haha. It is a lot nicer than the city though, because there is no concrete here besides a few roads and the heat is not as bad thankfully. And we don`t have to pay for the A/C in our apartment because it's included in the rent, so we are always using it a lot when we are in the apartment. 

Not much else exciting, none of our investigators came to church but we are going to search a lot this week for new investigators and less active members, because we always find new investigators with the less active members. The little 10 year old boy couldn`t come, but we talked to his Mom, and she is really nice and there are a lot of people that live in their house, which is awesome. We had a zone training video this week, there was a video for all the missionaries in the world from the first presidency and quorum of the 12, and it was all about the mission work, it was really helpful. 

Not much else new, I bought a pretty cool Paraguayan blanket and some other cool stuff, and a member that washes our clothes can sew, she makes really cool sombreros so I`ll probably ask for one of those. Let me know if you want something cool sewn :) But thanks for all the updates and pictures Mom, I`ll take some more pictures this week of the new apartment and my companion and me, too. Can`t wait to hear from you next week and hope you guys are all good and enjoying the nice weather! I keep all of you in my prayers every day!

Rohayhu (Love you in Guarani),
Elder Spiro

Alex' companion on the left and Elder Sherwood, who left for his mission the same day as Alex and we met at the Phoenix airport. Three Arizona boys!

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