Monday, February 22, 2016

Not so Happy Feet

{We didn't get mail from Alex last week on the 15th due to an email glitch so there will be double posts today 2/22. Reading about the "surgery" on his feet makes me so proud of him, he faints when he even thinks of doctors and hospitals so I know how hard this was for him.  Thank you everyone who reads his letters and sends him so much love and support! --Chris}

Hola Mama!!!!!!

¿Cómo esta? Estoy super bien, I just had a little trip to the hospital this week, but don`t worry its nothing major or crazy. My toenails have just been hurting a lot recently and when I walk it doesn`t feel too good. So we decided to call Sister Wilson, the wife of the President, to see if I could go to Asuncion and the hospital, and she said it was fine. So we went and the first thing the doctor said when he looked at my toe was “woah”, that's not really something you want to hear from a doctor.  I showed him my other foot and he said I had another ingrown toenail, so I told him to just take them both out. We waited for about 40 minutes, and I was freaking out of course because I don`t like hospitals or surgery, and then I went in and lied down and decided not to look at anything. He gave me 4 shots, 2 in each toe and then started digging the ingrown toenails out. I couldn`t feel hardly anything on the left toe but the right toe I felt a lot, and Elder Bowyer told me after he basically dug all the way under my nail and lifted it up to cut the part off. I`m just glad I didn`t look.

Other than that we had a good week, we ate lunch in Asuncion because that's where the hospital is and it was super fancy, the Burger King and Pizza Hut there are like fancy restaurants, it's weird. We didn`t have any investigators attend church,  but we are working hard and the heat seems to be worse now, we have to stop and ask for water a lot. But everything is great, this will be the last week of this transfer, it has gone by super fast.  We have interviews with President Wilson this week so that will be cool too. My companion is good, he doesn`t feel sick anymore.

I hope you guys are all doing well, it seems like you are all busy with work and school. Thanks again for all the pictures and emails . I just need to ask one thing from you, if you could send that picture of Grandpa on his mission, I think it's the one with him standing next to a street sign or something, I just remember always seeing it around. I want to try and take a picture just like it. But thanks for the bday package again, I`m sure I`ll be getting it soon. And I hope my letters can get there! They were supposed to be for Christmas :( Tenga una buena semana y can`t wait to hear from you soon!

Te Amo!!!!!!
Elder Spiro

His poor feet :(

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