Monday, August 31, 2015


Hola Mi Madre Amorosa,

Thanks for all the pictures you sent this week, I loved all of them, especially the ones of Theo dressed up in Camille's clothes haha and I have been enjoying the peanut butter you sent. I'm trying to find some American chocolate so I can make a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. I'm glad you guys are enjoying the start of school, the weeks have been flying by for me. I always feel like I need more time because we don't always have time to talk to everyone we want to. And unfortunately none of our investigators went to church on Sunday :( We are thinking about paying for a bus to pick them up because all they have is a motorcycle and they all want to go together, but the motorcycle can only take 2-3. But we are visiting them a lot and its kind of difficult because one of the men we are talking to only speaks Guarani, so we have to go with a member each time or else he doesn't understand. And to get to their house it is about a 20 min bus ride and an hour and a half walk. So, yesterday we walked about 3 hours to visit them, and he wasn't home, but we talked to everyone else and set up an appointment to visit them on Wednesday with a member who can speak Guarani.

Everything is good though, I didn't know the work was going to be this hard, but salvation is not easy. It wasn't easy for Jesus to suffer and die for us, so it won't be easy for us as well. But, I pray for help every day and for the gift of tongues, and I can see how I have been growing spiritually and mentally the last few months. I have really grown to appreciate the scriptures too, I hardly ever read the Book of Mormon before my mission and am now reading it every day, it is such a blessing, the Book of Mormon has a lot of power, and that's something I invite everyone to do, to read and to pray about the words of the prophets. I've seen how it has strenghtened families, we have had family home evenings and read chapters with families, it's awesome. That's homework for you Mom, to read the Book of Mormon with the rest of the family today for family home evening, and I'll check up on you guys next week. If you don't know where to start, I recommend 3 Nephi 11, when Christ visits the Americas or simply starting from 1 Nephi 1.

Anyway, I'm very grateful for you guys and all the letters I get each week, I love you all and I'm grateful for the opportunity that I have right now to serve a mission, it truly is a humbing experience to witness how the gospel can change lives, eternally. I can't wait to hear from everyone next week and I'm sorry if I couldn't respond to you, limited time :( Hope you all have a good week and I love you Mom! ¿Gracias por todo! ¡Te Amo!

Elder Spiro

One of the investigator's homes. They mostly teach them outside.

On the way to the waterfalls they saw last week with the district,

View from the elder's apartment


  1. Muy bien me gusta mucho ver fotos. Me agrada saber que esta muy bien y esta feliz.

  2. Yes, I love when he sends so many photos! He is doing so great, we are very proud if him.