Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving thoughts

Hey Mom!
First sorry to tell you that there won`t be any pictures this week because the place we usually go to for the computers was closed, and this new place has very slow computers and I can`t connect my camera. I had a great week, in church we had 3 people come and it was also the Primary Program and it was fun seeing all the little kids singing and saying scriptures haha. It makes me remember the primary programs when I was a kid.
Our Thanksgiving wasn`t too exciting, I bought some food and I made mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets haha, I will send pictures next week of our food. I was thinking a lot about why I am thankful and I realized many things, of course my family and the desicion I made to serve a mission. I don`t know what I would be doing if I wasn`t here in the mission, possibly not active in the church to be honest.  I can not be grateful enough for my missionary calling and the things I have learned, I hope that these next few months I can progress even more.
To answer your questions, we all went to a city called Fernando de la Mora, it was actually one of my old areas, to listen to Elder Rasband. The ward I am in right now has about 75-100 people every week, there were more people this last week for the Primary Program.
We have been working with Mabel, we had a pre baptismal interview last week, I talked with her and her boyfriend, and she told me that she has been getting a lot better at not smoking. She had a experience this last week where she wanted to smoke but she began to read the scriptures and she said a prayer to give her strength, and she fell asleep.  I have been praying and fasting a lot this week so she can keep strong because this Saturday is her wedding and baptism and if she smokes this week we will have to pass it for another week.
To tell you the truth, it seems much more difficult to not smoke/drink here, because almost everyone does it. 
We are also working with a teenage girl named Araceli, she lives with her sister and brother in law and she doesn`t get too much attention from her family so she is basically alone watching her nieces all day.  We have been teaching her and she came to church this week and she seemed to enjoy it, the young women were talking to her too.
We found a big family on Monday, and they were all very interested, and accepted a baptismal date but they were unable to attend church because they had to visit their Mom who was sick. This next week I`m sure they will go.
We are getting ready for the Christmas season, I put up the little Christmas tree that I have and the lights, a few houses in the streets have lights too. A lot of people have the Nativity scenes. 
I got the card from Harry Potter World that you guys sent, and I think my Christmas package arrived this week, thanks for all that you guys send! Hope you have a great week and can`t wait to hear from you soon! Always keeping you in my prayers!

Elder Spiro

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