Monday, November 14, 2016

Week of 11/14/16

Hey Mom!
Thanks for your pictures and email, I had a good week, its a blessing to have the sombrero, it helps a lot in the heat. I heard about our new president, I was at a members house when I heard in the other room that he was announced president of the U.S. The people keep asking me what is going to happen now with people from other countries, if they can enter into the U.S., but I don`t have any idea. 

I also recieved the packages you guys sent me, thanks so much for the food and the letters. I was able to get Allan his picture book and it was good to see him one last time before he leaves. He seems very happy and I know he will change and help many lives in Peru. I can`t believe he has made it to this moment when he leaves for his mission. When I was in Thompson he hadn`t even sent his papers in yet. He isn`t a convert of mine or someone I have re-activated but I am grateful that I was able to help him prepare for his mission, I have learned a lot from him as well.
We are working hard in our area, we were going to have a baptism this week in our area, a young man named David. He had addictions to drugs and he has changed his life around. The only problem is that he will be attending a military camp where they give him coffee to drink during the day, and its not something where he can say no, it's sad that something like a cup of coffee is keeping him from being baptized. We talked with him and he understood, he told us it makes sense, because he doesn`t want to be baptized and then not keep the commandments, it was a testimony builder for me to see a young man with so much temptation around him to want to follow Christ and turn his life around. We are praying for him and thinking of what we can do to help him.
We also are talking to Mabel, who is preparing for her wedding and baptism, we talked with her this week about the plan of salvation, and she had a few doubts about the resurrection. We are going to have a family home evening with them tonight and hopefully we can help her understand more, and feel the spirit.
Not much else new, we will be having a visit form an Apostle this week, Elder Rasband. It will be the 2nd time in my life when I have seen an Apostle in person, so I am very excited and it should help me with motivation to keep working hard and finding new people to teach. I feel the need more and more each day to share the restored gospel to the Paraguayan people, it has come from study of the Atonement and better understanding of the purpose of the gospel.
Thank you again for everything! Hope you have a great week and can`t wait to hear from you soon!
Elder Spiro

Looks like some of our packages from the last few months all came together!

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