Monday, December 5, 2016

Mabel's wedding and baptism

Hey Mom,

Thanks for the email and I got the other Christmas package this week, but I opened it on accident because I didn`t know that I had to wait haha, but the gifts still have their wrapping so I will wait for that. We had a good week, it was a bit warm this week but we ended it with a wedding and a baptism, so all is good. It's super stressful to plan weddings, even if they are simple but luckily a few sisters in the ward helped us decorate because I had no idea how we were going to decorate. We bought some balloons and they helped with the rest.
Mabel was really happy, and her family too. The water was super cold in the baptismal font but after the ordinance when we left the water I asked her how she felt and she said that she didn`t feel cold at all, that she felt warm and clean, something that she couldn`t describe. It was awesome to see how she has grown, she had a hard time giving up smoking but she said when she smells cigarettes now it makes her want to throw up. I am grateful to witness how the Lord works his miracles, so many experiences that I have had in my mission, and many more to come.

As I was writing this, I recived the information that I will be training a new missionary! We had transfers today, I am nervous but really excited, I hope I will be able to help the new missionary adapt to the mission. I don`t know what else to write haha, I feel shocked.

The area is going well, we are working with Araceli, she wasn`t able to come to church on Sunday but I know that she is progressing, she always reads everything we mark down, and she is always happy when we pass by and her sister who is a less active member seems to be helping her a lot too.

For the wedding and baptism, a member brought 3 of her neighbors that aren`t members, so we are finding lots of new people to teach. I am grateful that the members are willing to help us out so much.

Anyways, I hope you have a great week, thanks for the updates and I will let you guys know when I can call for Christmas, thanks again for the emails and pictures! Have a great week!

Elder Spiro

Mabel's baptism and wedding

Thanksgiving dinner!

A family that lives by the elders

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  1. Congrats Elder Alex! You will do a great job training new missionaries!