Monday, November 21, 2016

Visit with Elder Rasband

Hey Mom,
All good here in Paraguay, I will start out first with the visit from Elder Rasband. It was an experience that I`ll never forget. We got there early to sit and study a bit, and they told us that Elder Rasband would be arriving soon. We were combined with the other mission of Paraguay, there were a lot of missionaries packed together. When Elder Rasband entered into the room, I felt the same feeling of when Elder Bednar visited in the MTC, I felt a sense of peace and happiness. He talked to us about how we can improve, he thanked us for our service and he answered some questions. We had the opportunity to shake his hand and when I shook his hand, I said Hola and he told me Hello haha. 
When he bore his testimony of the Savior, my testimony was even more strengthened, I understand why the Apostles are special witnesses of Jesus Christ. It was an awesome experience and I hope I will always remember it. After when we got back to the house, I was really tired and had very little energy but as we left to teach, my energy came back and I was fine throughout the whole day.
David wasn`t able to be baptized because he will be entering into the military camp but I have never seen a person more changed than him.  He dropped his drug addiction, drinking, smoking, and is a completely different person. I hope to see the picture when he is baptized, maybe I will still be here, his military camp lasts 7-8 months but he has breaks where he returns home every 8-15 days.
We have been working a lot with Mabel, we found out that she has a smoking problem, so we will see if we can help her. She has gotten better but she had never told us before, so we weren`t able to know until this week and I think it's tougher to drop a habit when you are doing it alone.
Not much else, we found a less active family that has a teenage girl that isn`t baptized, we will be teaching her this week to see how interested she is. And we are working with the members and went with the first counselor to visit less active members this week.
We won`t be doing too much for Thanksgiving this week, I will make some mashed potatoes and I think we will try to find a chicken or something haha. Make sure to eat a lot for me, and send pictures!
Thanks for everything, good luck in the new ward, I`m sure you will be getting new callings too. Have a great week!!!!
Elder Spiro

p day activity

with David

the District

Mission meeting with Elder Rasband

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