Monday, September 5, 2016

Teachin in the Rain...

Hey Mom,
Thanks for writing me as always, I always enjoy hearing from you and the family, even though I don`t always write much in return (sorry) But I`m happy that the Utes won and you and the family had a good week at school and work. I`m sure you are excited to celebrate your birthday this week! I`ll be searching for birthday gifts here, but they will arrive around the next year, so just be patient haha :) But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! 馃榿馃摚馃幎馃幏馃幖馃槑馃樅馃樃馃憦馃憻
I am doing well as always, it has been raining this whole week and it has been cold but I am trying to enjoy it because I know the heat is coming soon. 
It was rainy on Sunday, so we didn`t have very many people come to church, but we had 1 investigator. She has been investigating the church for about 2 years, and she wants to be baptized but she has to get married and her boyfriend has to get divorced first so I think that will be a long process. We are going to visit them and see how the process is going.
To organize a wedding here we just have to have copies of the IDs of the people who are going to get married and also of the 4 witnesses of their wedding. We have the wedding on Saturday, and when the wedding is over, we have the baptism, so it all works out well. We put up decorations in the church and the relief society helps us a bit too. [[I asked him what it took exactly to put on a wedding so quickly]]
We have been working with Elias`s little sister Leila, who is 9 years old. She wants to be baptized but we just need the signature of her dad who lives in a different city. Elias is going to go to his dad`s house to get it. The guy that has a drinking problem hasn`t talked to us much lately, we only found him at his home once and he said he was busy, so we`ll see how his process goes I guess. 
Not much else new, this is the last week before we recieve transfers, so next Monday I will inform you if I am leaving the area or not, and if I have a new companion. But everything is great, I`m learning more every day and really starting to understand my purpose as a missionary and the infinite amount of things there are to learn in this world.
Hope you have a great week, thanks for the pictures and emails, the only things I have been thinking for the Christmas package was a few P90x disks, but I`ll let you know which ones because I don`t have weights here to use.
Can`t wait to hear from you soon! Have a great birthday week Mom!!!!!!!!!
Elder Spiro

Elder Spiro and his district

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