Monday, September 12, 2016

Same area, new companion:Elder Morales

Hey Mom!!!!
Thanks for the emails and pictures as always, I`m also happy because the Utes won!!!!!! I`m sure the game was super stressful, but I`m happier to just hear they won, that game is always the most important of the season for sure. I`m glad you enjoyed your birthday too, and I hope you got some help from the family with the little kids.
So the news is I won`t be going to a new area, but my companion will be going to the mission office for his new area though. I`m not sure who my new companion is because nobody has called but I will find out very soon. [[in his email to his dad he found out he has a companion from the U.S. named Elder Morales]]
We had a good week, we got the signature for Leila`s dad, but we won`t have her baptism yet because the mission asks for a responsible adult to bring her to church every Sunday, and we just have Elias bringing her to church, and he is only 12. We have met a lot of new people this week though, a lot of people have asked us to visit them, but the only problem is that they need to come to church!
I was thinking about 9/11 the other day, I will always remember the day I woke up and turned on the TV, and every channel had the video of the towers burning down and I didn`t understand why. It makes me happy to know our country is growing and progressing, and I am grateful to have a lot of the freedoms that we have.
I like the pictures of Camille playing the violin with Abbey, I hope she continues playing and practicing and is not like I was when I started playing just to complete a credit for school haha.
Anyway thanks again Mom for everything, I will update you next week on who my new companion is [it's Elder Morales haha] and how things are going in the area! Have a great week and GO UTES!!!!!!!
Elder Spiro

:) :)

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