Monday, September 19, 2016

A new companion, Elder Yardley

Hola Mama,
Todo esta muy bien, I am doing great and healthy and happy, so last week I was going to have a new companion named Elder Morales but it got changed again because of a mix up in the mission office and my new companion is named Elder Yardley. He is from Idaho, he is really tall, probably my only companion I have had taller than me, but he is a cool guy, we get along and joke and everything, it's always different to have a companion from the same country. At this point I`m not worried about the English but companions from the same country a lot of times understand each other better. We had 2 investigators come to church this week, Leila and her mom, and we will be having Leila`s baptism this week so pictures are on the way! Allan is going to walk with her every week to church until he leaves for his mission and we are on the search for another adult to help when he leaves.
Not much new this week, just the same missionary work, never easy but always worth it. I hope you guys have had a good week, Dad told me its your anniversary tomorrow so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! WWOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24 years! Haha, hope you guys do something fun, and I`m glad to hear Camille did well in the primary program, it's crazy to imagine 150 kids, we don`t even have half of that of people that attend church but we are working hard to improve it!
I like the picture of Gavin, he looks huge! Thanks for the package you guys sent, I got all the candy and pictures that Camille sent and your letter too. I`m always hesitant to eat the treats because I want them to last longer, but if I wait I won`t be able to enjoy them, so I just eat them anyways.
Thats about all for the week, I hope you are all doing well in school, work, and at home, I always keep you in my prayers and am thinking of the things you have written me each week. Can`t wait to hear from you soon!
Elder Spiro

He got the stuff we sent! Only took a month!

Elder Spiro, Elder Yardley and some ward members

The elders, Allan and Elias

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