Monday, May 30, 2016

Semana de 5/30/16

Hey Mom! Thanks for the emails and pictures and updates! The P90x didn`t work but I will try to download it again and see if I can format it or something. The videos didn`t work for some reason either, but I`m sure the concert was awesome!

A normal week in the mission, we didn`t have any investigators and a lot of the members didn`t come either, it wasn`t raining or anything just cold. I also had a talk in sacrament meeting that went better than I thought it would. Speaking has gotten a lot easier for me now than before, I looked down at my watch at the end of my talk and I had been talking for 15 min too, when it felt like only 5 min. 

We have been working with 2 teenage girls that attended church with a member, and their Mom is also a member, less active. They weren`t able to attend church this week though because their Mom had her her baby, so hopefully everything went well, we haven`t been able to talk to them in a few days. We invited them to be baptized for the 18th of June, and they accepted, we just need to help them keep progressing and maintain the spirit that they have been feeling.

We have also been working with a man named Silvio who has attended church 2 times, and we have been teaching him very simply because he doesn`t understand much Spanish. The other night we were visiting another member who lives next door to Silvio, and we heard a dog barking so we went to look what he was barking at and we found Silvio passed out on his porch from drinking, so we went and woke him up and helped him into his bed. He told us he felt bad about not going to church that Sunday, and he remembered what we told him, that he needs to put in his part if he wants to work on his addictions. So we are going to work hard with him and help him. 

Not much else new, no worries about sending clothes Mom, I have 2 sweaters that I use, and a member helped us find some more white shirts with long sleeves. On Pday, we wear white shirts and ties like all the other days, the only time we really can change is if we are playing soccer or we have a service activity. Thanks for the email again Mom, hope you guys had fun camping and all the family is doing good too! Say hi to the Allbees for me! 

Elder Spiro

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