Monday, June 6, 2016

Adventurous eating 6/6/16

Hey Mom, 

It's strange to hear of the heat because its still pretty cold here, and no worries about the sweaters, I can always buy one here if I need another one.

We had a bit of a tough week to be honest, most of our investigators are females, and we always need a man that is 18 or older to be able to teach them. None of the members were able to help this week, so that resulted in lots of walking and contacting.  I can see how obedience brings blessings, because we had an old investigator named Celia who came to church on Sunday.  She wasn`t able to be baptized before because she was living with her boyfriend and they had to get married for her to be baptized, but he didn`t want anything to do with the church. They got separated about a month ago, and she now just lives with her kids. We passed by after church and she accepted a baptism date for the 18th of June.

The other two girls we were teaching had to live with their grandma in a different city for a week because their Mom is having her baby and she is in the hospital. We haven`t been able to find Silvio to teach him, he is always away from his house (hopefully not with bad influences).

My talk was about commitment, mainly focusing on the covenants we have made and being faithful. I used a lot of quotes from the book you guys sent me. Not much else new, we are about 2 weeks away from transfers again and I would like to stay in the area.  It's a bit difficult at times, but I`m learning a lot and I`m grateful for the trials I have had.

Hope you have a good week, and enjoy the heat haha, sounds like you will have fun in San Diego. Thanks for the pictures and emails as always! Hope to hear from you soon! Love you!

Elder Spiro

Getting ready to enjoy pig's head for dinner!

He said it was delicious

"a funny 'tree for sale' sign"

Beautiful picture of his area

Making soup from a recipe book we sent him

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