Monday, May 2, 2016

4 days away from Hump Day!

Hola Mama,

Gracias por su carta and all the pictures, I got the package you guys sent so no worries, all the food that you sent will be eaten quickly haha, and I really enjoyed the journal entries from Grandpa. I was reading a lot and it's crazy how different the mission is now, I read in one of his journal entries that he had to search for places to sleep each night because they had opened up a new area and there were no members or anything. And all that work he had to do taking care of the missionaries when he was President! It makes me feel bad for my mission president haha. It was really interesting to see he had the same kind of feelings that I had when he started his mission, he had never read the Book of Mormon all the way through before his mission, and I hadn`t either. It's weird to see in those times, there were no lesson plans or anything like we have now. Thanks so much for all the stuff you sent, the foot insoles are very helpful.

It was a good week, the cold weather passed over Paraguay this week, so the nights and mornings were super cold, but I enjoy it a lot more than the heat to be honest. We also had 3 investigators come to church, and we are planning a baptism this Saturday, so prayers would really help! The 3 kids want to be baptized, but their dad had an argument with someone I think in the church and he doesn`t want anything to do with the church now.  We also had 2 new investigators come to church, and they are both interested in learning more, so we have been blessed with more people to visit.

We will be going to the temple tomorrow, so I am really excited for that too, and I will take some more pictures outside the temple so no worries [I will send more than this week]. They haven`t told us the date when we can call our families, but I think it will be this upcoming week, so tell me what day and time would be best for you all. Any day of the week is fine with me, just not Sunday or Monday. Thanks again for the email and the package! No worries about the P90x either, I have other exercises to do and I mainly just stretch in the mornings anyways. Can`t wait to hear from you! 

Te Amo!
Elder Spiro

The package we sent for his "hump day"-it was filled although this looks like we sent an empty box :)

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