Monday, May 16, 2016

Week of 5/16/16

¿como estas? Estoy bien y agradecido por escribir y escuchar de ustedes!
Thanks for all the pictures and emails you have sent, I got the letter from you guys for Abby's graduation. I was thinking if we made one for my graduation, could you send me a picture if you can find it? Thanks for the updates of the family, it's good to hear you are busy and it's crazy that Abby is graduating this week! In the pictures she looks a lot taller, and lots of scholarships to choose from haha. 

Another week in the field, not too much new, we had 1 investigator come to church, and the only problem with him has been that we can`t have too many lessons with him because he is always working during the week, and doesn`t have much time. We have asked him if he likes church and he said yes, but we`ll have to see what else we an do to help him progress.

We have been working with another Christian family that are willing to listen to our message. We went to visit them the other night, and the husband was a little drunk, so we planned another day, and he gave us a hug and kissed us too haha. 

Not much else new, we are helping another couple get married and baptized, but we need to have permission of the parents for the girl, because she is only 16, but they already live together and everything. A lot of work to do, and a lot of walking, but I have gotten used to that. The Guarani I sent with the picture means "Happy Mothers Day Mom" I`m going to write more phrases in Guarani from now on hehehe.... Hope you have a great week and can`t wait to hear from you!

Elder Spiro

With his sisters' high school graduation announcement.  It got to him in less than a week, which is a miracle.

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