Monday, November 2, 2015

Soccer Mania

Hola Mama,

Todo bien aquí en Paraguay, I am working hard and trying to get to know everybody here in my new area. There are a lot of members and a bunch of returned missionaries here. Except everyone is busy so we don´t have much time to work with them, only on Saturdays and Sundays. Everything is great, we worked hard this week but unfortunately didn´t see any of the fruits of our labors, none of our investigators came to church, but we are working with a guy named Guido, who has attended church and only needs a interview with the Mission President to be baptized. When people need an interview with the Mission President that means they have something serious they need to repent of, so we have been talking a lot with him these last few weeks about the repentance process and he told us yesterday he is ready to confess and repent and he wants to be interviewed! So we are planning on this week for everything. 

Thanks for your advice about the new area, its tough but I know Heavenly Father wants me here for a reason, or there is something I need to learn. But everything is great, the days are flying by fast, my Spanish is getting much better, and I have learned a bunch of phrases in Guarani too :)

To answer your question, they really don´t celebrate Halloween here, they had stuff in stores they are selling like decorations and some costumes, but I only saw 2 kids dressed up and trick or treating, and we didn´t have any trick or treaters at our door, so I don´t think its a very big holiday here yet. The huge events are the soccer games. Every year they have a big game between the 2 biggest soccer teams here in Paraguay, Cerro and Olympia. They played this Sunday, and ALL of Paraguay was watching, except the missionaries, we were out working. These soccer games are basically holidays for them. The people all go crazy when there are goals and there are super loud fireworks and people are chanting in the streets. Its not dangerous, so don´t worry Mom :)

Anyways, thats my update for the week, I still haven´t recieved the package you sent but I´m sure it will be here soon. Thanks though for everything, all the letters and pictures, its always one of my favorite parts of the week to hear from you and the rest of the family. Something I was studying this week was when Jesus came and visited the Americas after he was resurrected, and its interesting how he teaches basically the same things like he did in his ministry, but he adds more and explains more simply to the people of the American continent. Its chapters 3 Nephi 11 through 26 or so I believe. I realized how important it is for our investigators to read and pray though, because the spirit will be able to testify to them if they keep their commitments of reading and praying, and only through the spirit we can become converted.

Thanks again for everything Mom, and let me know if I can help with anything, I can´t wait to hear from you next week and I´ll keep you and the family in my prayers like I always do!

Love you!
Elder Spiro

Elder Spiro is thrilled to get this jersey made for $10.00 

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