Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy and needing chicken recipes!

Hola Mama!

Estoy muy feliz y contento, espero que ustedes tambien :) Anyways, all has been good this week, not the most productive because not many people wanted to talk to us but it's okay, we are spreading the word around and planting the seed of the gospel in houses. We didn`t have a baptism this week but on Saturday we are planning on having one, the last weekend for this transfer! We are also planning a video for this upcoming Sunday and inviting everyone we can. We are going to be watching Meet the Mormons, and hoping to have a lot of new investigators and less active members and everybody come to watch! The ward leaders are very helpful in this area, because a lot of them are returned missionaries so they know how to work with the ward and help us missionaries too.

Thanks for all of your updates, and make sure to take pictures for Thanksgiving, I`m not sure what I will be doing, probably nothing because they don`t celebrate it here and my companion is Latino, so he doesn`t celebrate it either. I have been searching for turkey too, but I can`t find any. For Christmas, I think what I have to do is plan 1 hour during the week of Christmas when I will Skype you guys, the internet cafe they have here has a webcam, hopefully it works haha :)
Thanks for all the stuff you have sent though, I still haven`t gotten the package for Halloween but I`m sure it will be here soon!

Sorry that my letter is so short this week, this keyboard is tough to type on, and thanks for all the advice about what I`m going through with the work not progressing much. I have been thinking a lot this past week about it, and I realize I need to be more grateful of what I have, I`m here in Paraguay serving the Lord, I have an awesome family, my health, I`m learning a 2nd language very fast and able to teach in it, and every day I learn more and more how the Lord works in his timetable and will never abandon us and all of our trials are for our benefit, because when we are in our comfort zone all the time, we never will learn anything.

Thanks again Mom for all the updates and pictures and I just need one thing from you, if you could send me some easy recipes to cook chicken, pasta, rice, and easy stuff like that, that would help a lot because I want to start learning to be able to cook more types of food. Let me know if I can help with anything either and I love you and keep you all in my prayers and hope you have a great week, and say hi to everyone for me!!!

Love you Mama!!!!!!!
Elder Spiro
At a district activity

Splits with the zone leader

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