Monday, November 30, 2015

A baptism and a some cleaning

Hello Mama,

There won`t be any exclamation marks for this email, because the keyboard I`m using is really bad, but I`m doing great and happy and healthy. It was the last week for this transfer and we had a baptism! (I found the button for the exclamation mark) And it went super well! There was a lot of people that showed up and we all felt the spirit there, and the next day I did the confirmation. When we walked up in sacrament meeting, the bishop asked me to do it, but because he had told us he was going to do it before I was a little nervous.  I remembered the words in Spanish and it all went well. 

I`m glad you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving, thanks for all the pictures. I didn`t really do anything, because my companion is Latino but today we were able to clean the temple and I sat for a while in one of the rooms and thought about what I`m thankful for and about the mission and all, it was really cool, and I got to clean the baptismal font. Tomorrow we find out the changes for this next transfer and hopefully I won`t be taken out of the area again haha :) 

We are planning on having another baptism this week or the next for a boy named Elias, he is 9 years old but SUPER smart. He knew the word "restoration" when we taught him and nobody that I have taught in Paraguay so far knows that word, he was basically teaching us when we taught him The Plan of Salvation. Everything is good here, I learned that if I do everything possible that I can do and learn through the trials and struggles, the Lord will help us find the people that are prepared to recieve our message and will help us have success.

Thanks again for everything Mom, I got both of the packages you sent and I`ll make sure to follow the instructions for the Christmas one, and my plaque looks super awesome! I`ll try to take a picture for you guys for our Christmas photo, the weather hasn`t actually been super bad lately, its hot one day and rainy the next, but we still haven`t reached the middle of the summer yet. :( Hope you have a good week and I have a lot of pictures for this week but this computer is really bad and I don`t know if I`ll be able to send them but I`ll try! Can`t wait to hear from you soon and have an awesome week!

Te Amo Muchisimo!
Elder Spiro

Elder Spiro's zone

Guido's baptism

In front of the Asuncion temple

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