Monday, December 7, 2015

New companion: Elder Gois de Lira

Hola Mom!!!!!
So finally I didn´t get transfered from my area! But I did get a new companion, and now I have to teach him all the area and introduce him to everyone, but I like it, its nice to switch things up and to have more challenges at times, but his name is Elder Gois de Lira, yes like that. He is from Bolivia, he is a really hard worker, he was in the army in Bolivia before his mission. He is cool though, he doesn´t know any English at all but by this point its not a problem anymore luckily :) 

We had a good week but one night we had this huge storm and a bunch of trees got knocked over onto power lines so we were without power for about a day and a half. Luckily we had water but in the morning, our floor was flooded with water! It luckily didn´t ruin anything but I guess we need to prepare a little better for the Paraguay storms.

We have worked really hard this week and are planning to have a baptism for a boy named Elias. He is SUPER smart, he knows and understands better than the majority of the adults I have taught so far, we were explaining what we do in church to him, partake of the sacrament, classes, etc. and he started to cry a little because he wanted to go and take the sacrament that moment, but he had to wait till Sunday. Our area is a little difficult because its a lot of city, but we have been discussing different ways lately to find more people and like you said Mom, to maintain the faith.

I opened the Christmas box and I bought a little tree and lights to put the gifts under and I put all the snowflakes up too, but sorry, I forgot to take a picture of everything :( We are going to have our mission Christmas activity next week on the 16th, so I am looking forward to that and there will be a lot of pictures from for sure. I think I will call you guys on Christmas Day or the day after most likely, but I´m not sure what time yet, and we might call in a member´s house or here in the interent cafe (I´m hoping in a member´s house) but I will let you know this next Monday.

Thanks a bunch for all the updates Mom, I am sending letters for all of you today, so hopefully they get there fast before Christmas! All the pictures are great too! I hope you guys have a great week, it sounds super busy and I can´t wait to hear from you next week! Let me know if I can help with anything!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Spiro

Aftermath of a Paraguay storm

The district before transfers 

At the Meet the Mormons activity with the ward mission leader

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