Monday, March 6, 2017

Alex's final area: Rama Centro with Elder Orellana

Hello Mama,

I am doing well, and it's weird to think that I will be 21 tomorrow, I think this has been the quickest year of my life and it's because I don't really find myself thinking about how old I am or what I'll be doing next year, just focusing on the task at hand.
My new area Centro is a LOT different than the rest of my areas in my mission. It is basically in the city, there are very few houses, and most of the members life in a part of the area called the Chacaritas, which is very dangerous and we can`t enter in to that part of our area without a member. The branch is very small, we had 29 people come on Sunday and most of them are from different areas. They just have callings here to help out the branch. Despite the challenges I love the area, the branch president and members are willing to help and I know we will find success. We found a less active family this week that haven't been active for 10 years, the parents and 4 of the kids are members and the youngest kid isn't a member yet. We have been teaching him and part of the family came on Sunday. I also met the member that Uncle Scott had helped serve a mission when he was younger too, that was a cool experience. 
Being a district leader basically is just helping the district out in any way possible. We have weekly district meetings that I have to plan and conduct, and during the week I have to call the members of the district to get their numbers and see if they need anything in the area. It's a little stressful on Sundays because the numbers take a while to finish and then I have to pass those numbers to the zone leaders, but I enjoy it. It's nice being able to help out in any way possible to do what the Lord has asked us to do as missionaries.
My companion is named Elder Orellana, he is from Chile and he has about 5 months in the mission. He is cool, a very chill guy and a great companion.
I am happy because the Aguayo family that I baptized has been preparing to go to the temple in March to be sealed. For the past few months the area said that we couldn't go with converts to the temple, but today we got an announcement that we can!  I will be calling the office to make sure that I can go, it will be a very spiritual experience.
Not much else new, all is well and I opened the birthday package a bit early because I wouldn't be able to take it in transfers, so thanks so much for all the stuff you sent. I will be making the cupcakes for the district meeting tomorrow, because it's the 7th. Have a great week! Can`t wait to hear from you soon!!!

Elder Spiro

Saying goodbye to all the families in Kennedy and Elder Kjar :(

Elder Spiro looks like a giant compared to these folks!

His new companion, Elder Orellana from Chile

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