Monday, February 27, 2017

Last transfer: Centro and 6 more weeks!

Hey Mom,

So the news came in, and my last area will be in the city, an area called Centro. And I will be the district leader. I feel a bit nervous to be the district leader, but I know that the Lord will help me. I feel a bit sad to be leaving Kennedy, I have worked hard here and I wanted to see the baptism and wedding for the Mendoza family, and Antonio´s baptism, but I know that Elder Kjar and his new companion will do well in taking care of the area.

I got the package that you guys sent! We had the conference with Elder Bragg of the 70, and that was awesome. I felt the spirit very strong and I am ready to work hard in my last transfer. It was funny bringing the package back on the bus from Asuncion, the people kept looking at the virgin Mary stickers that you guys had put all over the box haha. 

We finished Elder Kjar´s training and he is very ready to be a normal missionary haha. I know that he will be a great leader in the mission, he is very obedient and will be a great example for other missionaries. 

I don´t know what else to say, I feel very nervous, and today will be busy with packing my luggage and saying goodbye to all the members and investigators. Sorry to not write much, next week's email will be longer!!!! 

Love you!
Elder Spiro

The last English class for Elder Spiro in Kennedy

Eating Lomitos

He got his Birthday package!

The neighbor's dog seems very receptive to the teachings

A service project

Both elders obviously glad to be done with training

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