Monday, March 20, 2017

Loving his District

Hey Mom,

All is well here, ya I had to give a talk on Sunday. It is pretty normal to give talks now, and with being in a small branch, any Sunday we could be asked. For example, on Sunday the branch president asked me in Sunday School to give the talk because the person assigned didn`t show up so I decided to talk about obedience, and I think it went well. We only had 22 people on Sunday, but the man we met the other week that was on the bus came to church too! His name is Miguel, and I was super happy that he came, he made an effort too because the bus he took dropped him off really far from the church but he walked anyway. We also encountered a mom and her son on Sunday, the mom (Mirna), very sadly has cancer but she asked a lot of questions about our church and wants to attend with her son (Alex). She is going through chemo right now and I know it is really painful for her.
It was a good week in all, an active family moved to a different ward which is kind of sad, but we are working with what we have, and I know the Lord will provide miracles for us as we are faithful. 
Being a district leader is rewarding. To see other missionaries have success when they were struggling in previous weeks, and being able to help the district meet the goals of our mission president. It motivates me to give the example, because I can't teach anything if I'm not doing it either. I know that President Wilson gives us these assignments to help us progress, and it has helped me a lot in these past weeks.
Sorry for the short update, but hope all well at home and I will keep all of the family in my prayers, can't wait to hear from you soon!

Saying goodbye to elder Morales

Helping a family move

On top of a building in town

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