Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week of 2/6/17

Hey Mom!

Happy to hear Camille is doing better, and her arm is healing fast, I have been praying extra for you all this week. And it sounds like you are all eating a lot of cookies haha. I wouldn't mind a box of the trefoils too, thanks :) 
Not much new here this week, we were working hard trying to find new investigators and all, because only a few of our investigators are progressing. On Sunday, a storm passed through in the morning with lots of rain, so I knew that we would have very few people attending church. We had only 20 people come, and we combined with the branch that shares our same building. It was fast and testimony meeting so I decided to bear my testimony and that made me feel better, I always enjoy Sundays even if we don´t have investigators at church. 

The Mendoza family is doing well, we are visiting them with lots of members, and in the ward council we had, we started planning a bit of their wedding and we are going to have a family home evening with them and some other families next Monday. They always give us food when we go to visit them, and we talked with them about the temple, because they had a daughter that passed away as a baby, and they seemed very interested in that.

Not much else new, no news with Tatiana and Deisy´s mom yet, we will keep praying for them and hopefully at least in the future she will accept. My companion is doing well, his spanish is much better and he is learning a bit of Guarani too, he is much more diligent than I was when I was learning spanish :)

Haha, hope you guys have a great week. I will try to take more pictures and can´t wait to get the cookies you guys send :) Can´t wait to hear from you soon!

Elder Spiro

Elder Kjar at nine weeks out!

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