Monday, February 13, 2017

Week of 2/13/17

Hey Mom,

Thanks for the emails as always, and the pictures as well it's crazy to see how much Will has grown and Theo has gotten fatter haha. I am doing well, the sad news is that Nancy Mendoza got a job to pay for some of the house bills and she has to work on Sundays. We have talked with them and she and her husband still want to get baptized and married, but they want to wait until the 11th of March now. I might not be in the area, but I hope that they can still follow through with their goals. They are a very special family.

Other than that we have been finding a few other families. Tatiana and Deisy are attending church even though their mom hasn`t signed the permission yet, lots of prayer and fasting. A member brought a family to church this week, the only problem is that they don`t live in our area but we talked with the Mission President`s wife and she said that if they desire to be baptized, we can organize something so they can attend church here in Kennedy. The church that is part of their area is super far from their house.

Interesting note, we were writing in the morning but the power went out in the whole city so we had to wait until the afternoon to be able to write again. That happens a lot, the power going out, another blessing of living where we live. I won`t take for granted many things now.

We have been working hard and I hope to be able to send some pictures from our trip to the temple to clean this Monday, it was another great experience. Many of the worries and preoccupations of the world leave my mind as I enter into the temple, it really is a blessing.

Hope all is well at home, to answer your questions, we do try to speak spanish constantly.  It helps Elder Kjar learn quicker, and it helps me as well to not get into the routine of speaking English because it affects when we teach/talk to people.

Have a great week and can`t wait to hear from you soon!

Elder Spiro

District activity

Pizza! With corn on it!

Enjoying some ice cream

10 weeks out!

With the other missionary roomies

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