Monday, January 30, 2017

New schedules and 8th week with Elder Kjar

Hey Mom! Wow sounds like you all had a crazy week and it really was a miracle that Camille was able to make it home with just a few broken bones, but now at least she has learned to not ride on very busy roads without a helmet :(. Like you said, Heavenly Father sent angels to protect her, and I am grateful to hear that the many prayers I say for our family are answered. Hope she gets better quickly and remembers how much Heavenly Father loves her.
Our week was pretty normal, we had a conference from the missionary council in Salt Lake City where they talked about some things we can do better as missionaries and at the end they announced that they would be changing our schedule, because many missionaries have been sick and tired, so they changed a bit and also gave us a lot more time on P-Day! Its a shame that with little time left on my mission, they decided to change, but better late then never :) And it should be interesting now with more time to do activities and stuff on P-Day.
The Mendoza family attended church on Sunday, and the members did a great job of giving them a warm welcome, and they told us after that they enjoyed church and felt comfortable inside. And they asked a lot of questions and the wife, Nancy, asked "What do we have to do to be baptized?" So everything is well, and we will be visiting them with more members this week, they have been progressing very well.
We are also searching for a reference for a recent convert family (the Correa family) that also has people that can be baptized, but the directions here in Paraguay are very bad, there are no street names and we have gotten lost many times trying to find this family. But we will keep searching and I know the Lord will guide us to their house.
Not much else too new, my toenail is much better, the skin under the nail looks really gross but the doctor told me it's normal and I can see a little nail growing back little by little. I just don`t want any more problems with ingrown toenails, just because of the shots :(
Training is going well, Elder Kjar is learning fast and his Spanish is improving quickly, the weather has been getting slightly better as well, and all looks good for the future :) Hope you have a great week and tell Camille to be careful!!!!!!!!!
Elder Spiro

Backroads around Kennedy

New daily schedule

New p-day schedule

With Axel and Enzo

Elder Kjar's 8th week!

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