Monday, January 23, 2017

Not so happy feet, part 2

Hola Mama!
Estoy feliz al saber que usted esta bien y you guys got home safe from California. Its starting to cool off a tiny bit here so I`m happy, and we had a good week even though I decided to go to the doctor to take care of my ingrown toenail (after waiting a bit too long to do so) and he decided to just take out the whole nail and let it re-grow. It hurt more for the needles but after it didn`t hurt when he just ripped out the nail haha. And he gave me the nail to remember too!
Everything else has been going well, to answer your question yes, I am still training Elder Kjar, he only has 1 trainer for 12 weeks, so it would be 2 transfers. During his training we have an hour and a half extra of studies (4 hours in total) and he basically has to learn Spanish and follow the example that I have to set, so it's a big responsibility but its been an awesome assignment for me, I enjoy it a lot. For the baptism, he baptized two of the people, Axel and Leila. I baptized Helen who is pregnant and it went fine, I was worried that I might slip or something but all went well.
Not much progress with Tatiana and Deisy`s mom, she doesn`t even talk to us when we stop by to say hi and they didn`t come to the English class or church this week but we will keep praying and doing what we can.
The Mendoza family was going to come to church, and we even had members that promised to bring them, but Sister Mendoza had some stomach problems and couldn`t come. Next week she said yes, and we will be teaching them tonight and explain the importance of attending church. They accepted a baptismal date and said that they want to be sure first before the make a decision.
Not too much else, there are some other families that we have been working with but they haven`t shown too much progression, even so, the future is bright for the Kennedy ward. Anyways, that's about it, thanks for the pictures that you guys sent, hope your week is great and can`t wait to hear from you soon!!!!
Elder Spiro

Another ingrown toenail! Ew!

7 weeks with Elder Kjar

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