Monday, December 19, 2016

Week before Christmas!

Hey Mom,
Glad to hear you and the family had a good week, here in Paraguay we had a nice week too. We had 4 investigators come to church, but unfortunately none of them was Araceli, so she won`t be able to be baptized this Saturday. She had to watch her nieces at the last moment because her uncle had to go pick up his wife in the morning, and she lives with them so she had to stay to make take care of the nieces and the house. We won`t lose hope, we will keep visiting her and helping her understand more. 
The other 4 investigators all have a baptismal date goal, and they are progressing, reading, praying, and they will be going to a few activities in the church this week. So all is good, and this week should be very special with Christmas, I will most likely call on Sunday in the afternoon, so any time from 6-8 pm time here in Paraguay, I`m not sure what time it would be for you guys.
It was an idea that I have always had to "contact" a bus with a new missionary. I had done it a few times before in my mission (not in my training) but it was a cool experience for him. It's really not too effective in getting new investigators but it's a convenient way to spread the gospel. Because we take a lot of buses, we might as well make most of the time when we are riding.
The English class is going great, members and investigators are invited and there are a lot of kids and teenagers that come to learn.  It's a good way to introduce people to the church too.
We are teaching a family that is all ladies and 2 kids, the Fleitas family, they are all siblings and 2 of them came to church yesterday, 1 of them named Helen is pregnant but she still walked all the way to church, and they enjoyed the spirit they felt there.
Not much else this week, my companion is working hard to learn Spanish, and I have been trying to learn a bit more Guarani, but it is tough. It's a very cool language but almost impossible to spell and harder to pronounce, but my goal is to be able to bear my testimony in Spanish [wonder if he meant Guarani?].
Like I said, I will be calling on Sunday, so can`t wait to talk to you all then and I hope you have a great Christmas week!
Elder Spiro

Christmas lights in their apartment

Two weeks out for Elder Kjar

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