Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th from Paraguay

Hola Mom!!!!!

First, sorry that there won`t be any pictures this week because the computers we are using don`t have a place to connect my camera to be able to send pictures, but I will try next week to find one that does. I wanted to thank you for always sending me lots of updates and pictures, I really enjoy reading all that is happening with you and the family, and seeing the pictures too. I`m glad to hear that Dad is okay despite the car accident, the first thing I looked at was the pictures of him in the hospital, but I`m glad nothing major happened. I always keep you guys in my prayers, and I know Heavenly Father is protecting us as a family.
My week was good, not many people came to church, and no investigators either, but Elias, the son of Leonida is very excited for his baptism. He had to get permission from his dad so he went to his house to get his signature and told him his testimony and why he wants to be baptized since his dad was against it. We are also working with a girl named Luz who was a referral from a member, she is going through a tough time in her life.  Her mom and dad recently got separated and she was open to hear more about the church.
The zone conference was the highlight of the week, it was great seeing my old companions and seeing how they are doing and how they have changed.  Also hearing from President Wilson, I always leave the conferences with a new energy to work hard and search for new people to teach! They talked a lot about obedience, because of the mission rules and everything, when we are obedient we are blessed in our work and we will have success.
Hope you guys have a fun 4th of July, I had forgotten all about it until I read today`s date! I`m not sure what I will do here, maybe I`ll make some hot dogs or something haha.  in Paraguay they celebrate their independence in the month of May, but I don`t know if there is a specific day, they mainly just eat a lot of typical food and hang the Paraguay flags up everywhere. Anyways, sorry again for the lack of pictures! Hope you have an awesome week and hope dad is feeling better fast! Can`t wait to hear from you soon!
Elder Spiro

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