Monday, June 20, 2016

A baptism and news of a transfer

Hola Mama!

Thanks for the emails and pictures as always, we had a busy week and a quick one too, it is still cold here but during the day the sun is warm, so its only a little cold at nights, but no worries. Today we will find out if we have transfers, so while writing this email I will most likely get the call. I`m glad to hear Dad had a good fathers day, I wanted to send a card but I don`t know in how much time it will get there, because the mission doesn`t send our mail now, we have to search a place in the city to be able to send it.  I got the package of treats you guys sent for Hump Day, and none of them were opened or eaten, so thanks!!!! I will be sure to eat all of them most likely this week.

We also had Celia`s baptism on Saturday, and it went good, we had to wait a little while for a few members to come, but in the end it all turned out well.  I had the privilege of baptizing her, she had been waiting a long time for her baptism.  She has a brother on the mission, and she had been living with her boyfriend before, so they had to get married but he didn`t want to, but recently she got separated from him. She is really excited to learn more though, she always shows us what she has been reading in The Book of Mormon and the gospel principles book we gave her.

Everything else has been good, we are working hard and Oliver came to church yesterday. He is a really humble guy and always goes with his friends who are members to visit other less active members after church which is super awesome.

Well I just got the call and I will be leaving the area, I will be going to an area called Thompson, I think its close to here, I will be senior companion to an Elder that has about 6 months in the mission, so we`ll see how that goes. Next week I`ll tell you more but I`m excited for the new area! Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for everything!

Elder Spiro

Alex's district


I have no idea what's happening in these pictures but it looks like they are having a blast :)

Celia's baptism

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