Monday, December 21, 2015

Excited for Navidad!

Hola Mama!!!!!!!!!!

Ipora, hande? I don´t know if that's how you spell that but it's Guarani, and it means ¨I´m great, and you?¨ Anyways, I´m very excited for Christmas and to call you and the family especially! I will be calling from the church here because it has wifi and the computer has a webcam. I will call on the 26th, the day after Christmas, anytime from the hours 5-9 my time here in Paraguay, sorry that its a big time table and I´m not sure what time that is in Arizona but hopefully that's ok for you guys. 

Everything has been good this week, they changed our PDay from this Monday and the next to Christmas and New Years Day, but we still get to write our families and do our shopping for the week today. It has been a little tough during Christmas to find people to teach because everyone is traveling, but we are doing what we can. We contacted a lady the other day and she told us she wanted us to visit her daughter, so the next day we visited their family with a member, and when we arrived, the daughter was angry and yelling that she didn´t want to talk to us. We started to teach her mom and a friend of hers, and slowly during the lesson, she listened more and more and eventually sat down and all three of them accepted a baptism date! It was a really cool experience, it shows me that if we are diligent as missionaries and do our part, The Lord will make up the rest and the Spirit will help the people want to hear and listen.

We haven´t had the chance much to visit Elias, because he has been traveling with his family a lot, but we had the ward dinner and he and his grandma were there and we talked with him a little. He has a lot of friends in the church now, and I can see him serving a mission someday as he progresses in the gospel. 

We also had our mission activity for Christmas, it was super fun and it was great to get a chance to talk to some of my old companions and the other Elders in my group. I have a bunch of pictures but unfortunately this week I forgot to bring the cable that connects to the computer, so I won´t be able to send them until next week :( But if you look in Facebook the name: Presidente y Hermana Wilson, you will find the facebook page for my mission president, and I´m sure he has a lot of pictures from the activity and from conferences and other stuff we have had on the mission, and I think I´m in some of the pictures.

Anyways, can´t wait to talk to you guys on Saturday, I´ll make sure to be ready to answer all of your questions. Hope you guys have a great Christmas and sorry that my letters probably haven´t gotten there yet, but thank you again for all the stuff you sent for me Mom, and can´t wait to talk to you soon!!!!!

Te Amo Mucho Mama!!!!!!
Elder Spiro

Alex is sitting on stage in front to the right. This is their zone's part of the program for the mission Christmas activity.

Mission Christmas activity

Enjoying the mission home ping pong facilities :)

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  1. Love seeing these pictures. I can still take you in ping pong Alex!