Monday, October 19, 2015

Betty's baptism and friends in the area

Hola Mama!

¿como estas? ¡estoy muy contento y feliz! Ok, enough with the Spanish, my week was great! Thanks for asking! We had another baptism, for a lady named Betty. She was raised Catholic but we have visited her these last few weeks and she has been attending church and decided to be baptized! It was awesome getting to teach her, we had been visiting her with a member named Sister Lugo and the first time we visited her, Sister Lugo bore her testimony and cried and it was a really spiritual moment. I believe that is what helped convince her to attend church for the first time. And after, she attended conference and told us she really enjoyed it and felt really peaceful while watching it, and her granddaughter also came to conference, and enjoyed it as well, but she is really shy and is nervous to talk to the missionaries. But we will be visiting her family for sure, because she has a lot of kids and grandkids. We also found this other family yesterday, who had investigated before but not much, and we talked to them for about 2 hours, the husband told us this experience he had where he and a friend of his who was a pastor had to cast out the devil from someone, it was a crazy story, and I didn't understand all of it because he would speak in Guarani at times, but I understood most of it haha :)

Anyways, everything has been good here, I got the letter you sent, it got here pretty fast, but the package not yet. And to answer some of your questions, no the cat hasn't come back. I will most likely be in this area for a while, so I will be able to visit my converts a lot. And we have a mail-type system in the mission, where we can send mail to other areas. So I am able to send mail to my other converts in Paraguari, which is cool. My companion is cool, but he has been in this area for 6 months, so he will most likely be leaving this Wednesday, when we find out if we are leaving our areas or not. Our district is cool too, every week we have a district meeting where we talk about our investigators and have practices and stuff. 

Pretty short update this week sorry, but thanks for all of the updates and pictures! I'm glad you are becoming a big Utes fan (hey Alex, already was!-editor's note), Dad needs someone to cheer with while I am gone, and I'm glad you guys had a good time in Utah. The pictures look really nice of the campus and I'm excited to go there after the mission, and NAU looks nice, I think would be a great college for Abby. Thanks for all you send me every week Mom, it means a lot. I wish I could send more, but the lack of time :( Keep up the reading in the BofM! And tell Camille she needs to send me a summary of what you guys read every week! Haha, thanks again Mom for everything and can't wait to hear from you next week!

Love you!!!!
Elder Spiro

The church in Libertad

Some members that the Elders visit

Betty's baptism

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  1. Nice cake for Betty! I don't think Alex made it though ;-)