Monday, October 12, 2015

A wedding and a baptism

Hello Mama!

This week has been super busy and stressful and awesome all at the same time! It has been rainy these last few days so it has been a little hard to talk to people because for some reason we don't usually have too much success in the rain, but we have been working hard and I'm glad I brought boots to wear! 

So our investigator named Laura got married and baptized this Friday! It was great, a lot of her family showed up and most of them were less active members in the church so it gave them a reason to come and for her confirmation on Sunday. I actually did the confirmation on Sunday, it was the first time I have ever confirmed someone, and I didn't mess up any of the words so I think it went well haha :) It was a really cool feeling as I was saying the blessing afterwards, I was feeling the spirit, and expecially as I was talking, the words were from the Holy Ghost. And it was such a great moment for Laura during her wedding and baptism, because she had been waiting years for it, the missionaries had talked to her before but her husband didn't want anything to do with the church, but now he was willing to get married for her to make this commitment and covenant of baptism, and we are going to try and talk to him next for sure.

Not much else happened this week, just trying to do my best and I know Heavenly Father will make up the rest. The weeks have been going by really fast and I have learned so much, not just spiritually but growing as a person. The members have been great in this area, always giving us food and helping us by walking with our investigators to church, I hope I'm able to gain some weight here before I go back out into the more walking parts of the mission haha :) And my Spanish has gotten a lot better, my companion speaks really fast in Spanish so that has helped, I've been trying to learn more phrases in Guarani, because the Paraguayans always love when the Americans speak in Guarani. We are planning another baptism this week, she has been attending church and we have taught her all the lessons, all she needs now is the baptismal interview. She is really cool, she attended conference and really liked all the talks and explained her favorite parts in all of them.

Anyways, I'm glad you all have been well, make sure to say hi to everyone in Utah for me, and take some pictures of the trees and of you guys too. I haven't gotten the packages you sent yet, but I think this Tuesday they will be here, and thanks for everything Mom, all the letters and pictures! Let me know if I can help with anything and I can't wait to hear from you next week! I keep you all in my prayers every day and night! 

Love you!
Elder Spiro

A photo of the whole district

Laura's wedding

Laura's baptism

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