Monday, September 14, 2015

New area: Libertad and new companion: Elder Lopez

This week has been busy, I got transferred again to a new area, they area is called Libertad but it is in the city San Lorenzo. We live in an apartment, I like the apartments more than the houses, its cool to have a view over the streets and we have a big window on one of the sides of the apartment. My new companion is Elder Lopez, he is from Guatemala, he is really cool and a hard worker, he also speaks a lot of English. I'm surprised, but he told me that in Guatemala a lot of people speak English and he is always listening to English songs in the apartment and asking me about different concepts of the language, so its cool.
My new area is awesome, it is really close to the mission office so we will probably see the mission president a lot. The ward is cool too, lots of members and a lot want to feed us which is in my opinion one of the most important parts of an area :) 
My training is officially finished! I am no longer a new missionary! That means that I have 2 hours less of study now and now I have the opportunity to train and to be a district or zone leader, but we'll see. My training went by so fast, its crazy how fast the mission has been recently, everyone tells me it gets even faster. I'll just have to use my time wisely I guess.
This week we had a baptism of a investigator who only speaks Guarani! Luckily, his friend is a member and is able to translate what we teach him. He is really awesome, he was wearing his suit and tie and we went to pick him up and walk with him to church, but he had already left and walked by himself! And this week we have another baptism, we are teaching a teenager and he plans on to be baptized.  His parents are not members, but we talked to them and they gave us permission and the mom says her goal is for all of her kids to be baptized. We were talking to her about how her family can be together forever, and be sealed in the temple, but her and her husband are not sure about marriage.  I have faith in them, a lot of the times people don't realize the great blessings we can receive when we make these covenants with God, especially in the temple, I have to keep trying and explaining better in Spanish haha :)
I have been also trying to use the Book of Mormon a lot more when I'm teaching, I realize how much power it has, so many of our problems and questions can be answered through the teachings in that book, everyday study of it, I encounter new things and lessons to learn. I love reading chapters with the investigators and seeing them work out their problems while they read. I can't say this enough, I love how the gospel can change the lives of peopleand how I have the opportunity to help in this sacred work.
Thanks for the emails and pictures, I really enjoyed reading everything, and I hope you had an awesome birthday Mom! I will be sending some letters soon so hopefully they don't take months to get there. Thanks again for everything and I can't wait to read the emails next week! Let me know if I can do anything for you or the family!

Elder Lopez and Elder Spiro

The elders' apartment

Elder Spiro's first baptism in Libertad

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