Monday, September 21, 2015

9/21/15 A baptism and a feline visitor

First, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys had an awesome anniversary and Camille and Abby cooked dinner for you guys haha :) And thanks for all the updates and pictures as usual!  That's super awesome what you and Camille did with the girl scouts and the Feed My Starving Children, I'm sure all those people in North Korea will be very thankful for the meals you guys put together for them, and I'm sure all those girls had a fun time helping. You guys seemed to have a busy week, and I'm glad you went to the reunion with your friends. That's something I have learned a lot here on the mission, is trying things outside of my comfort zone. Being here, having to teach people in a language I have never learned before (well, learned but never used) and living basically on my own (with a companion) and being surrounded in a whole different culture, is not the easiest but I have learned so much and I have enjoyed my time on the mission immensely, it's an experience and a blessing I will never forget :)

Things here have been going good, our investigators have been progressing and going to church, and I'm beginning to see my hard work being payed off. I'm always super tired by the end of the day, but happy and grateful. To answer some of your questions about what we cook in the apartment and how we email and stuff each week: it's kind of like this, every Monday we walk to the main street and walk to a place with a bunch of computers that we can use, then we go and shop for our stuff at the super market, which isn't very big. We usually cook stuff like rice and chicken, pasta, sandwiches for lunch, but it's better to eat with members, which is what we are trying to do each week. We don't really have a dinner, but people usually give us stuff to eat when we are visiting and on the streets there are always vendors selling empanadas and chicken sandwiches and stuff like that. Our apartment is nice, well at least compared to our last one, everything works, and the shower is usually warm, so no complaints :)

Everything has been great though, we are teaching a lot of part-families, where either the mom or dad is a member, and focusing a lot on how our families can be together forever, because that's something that is super special, to be able to be an eternal family, and no other church can offer that. It's important to have patience and love for everyone, this is something that we can't just rush into, and salvation is not easy. But everything has been great, nothing to complain about, other than the weather has been blazing hot lately :( And we also had a cat follow us back to our apartment the other day, and we fed it some chorizo (basically sausage) and he slept outside on the balcony during the night, but when we woke up in the morning he was gone :(

Thanks again for all the emails and pictures and updates. I love hearing about how and what you guys are doing. I keep you all in my prayers and let me know if there is anything I can do for you, can't wait to hear from you next week!

Baptism of a teenager named Diego

The elders had a skinny kitty visit them

Looking very tired, yet happy.  Kitty looks a little uncertain.

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