Monday, August 22, 2016

Week of 8/22/16

Hola Mama,
Thanks for the pictures and email, its crazy to see Jake`s family growing up, I remember when I went over to his house almost every day to hang out with them. Emma and Larry look so big haha, just another example of how fast time goes by. I am glad to hear you are all doing good and I hope the chipa is good too! The Sopa Paraguaya is like a cornbread, its good with rice and beans.
All is well here, we will have a wedding a baptism this Saturday, we finally found a judge that isn`t going to charge us a ton of money and an arm and a leg. We went to visit the family the week before and we were thinking in changing the wedding and baptism for another date, but they told us they were confident that God would provide what they needed for this week! They had more faith than us haha :) We had found the family looking for some recent converts on a teaching record we had in the Area Book. We are also working with Elias`s little sister Leila, and to help with teaching young people/ teenagers we usually use a lot of videos or pictures/drawings to help them understand better. Its always good when they are participating in the lessons, when they can have moments were they can apply what they learn from the lesson into their lives. At least that is what we try to gain when we read scriptures with them.
The weather is becoming a little more warm now, so we are entering into the summer. Lots and lots of water and sunscreen. We still have to wear long sleeve white shirts because of the mosquitos and dengue. But all is well, to tell you the truth I am running out of new things to add, when the time comes to write you all, I forget the spiritual/crazy experiences I`ve had during the week. They are all written in my journal, so I`ll just have to note stuff down before I write you guys.
Thanks again and I hope to hear from you next week, y tenga una semana pora (Guarani) y lleno de felizidad y bendiciones!
Elder Spiro

With Allan Torres, the branch president.  He is serving a mission in Peru in a couple of months.

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