Monday, August 15, 2016

Brenda's baptism

Hola Mama!
Gracias por su email and all the pictures too, I`m glad Dad had a great Bday and you all had a good time at the Shakespeare festival, its crazy that a year has passed since the last festival, I still remember the email you had sent from last year, a lot has changed since then.
I had a great week as always, we had Brenda`s baptism and it went great! I had the opportunity to do the confirmation. We had the baptism Sunday in the morning before the meetings. A lot of members came and showed their support for Brenda and her family, because her family is now attending church again. It was a little stressful getting everything set up for the baptism, though, because on Saturday we were filling up the baptismal font, and we were filling it with warm water, but it turns out the warm water is super dirty, so we had to drain it again, and clean haha. The drain is super slow so we had to take the water out with buckets, and when we were filling up he font again the water for some reason stopped coming out, so we had to wait until the morning on Sunday to fill it all the way again.
But everything went well and we are now working with that family I talked about last week. They attended church again on Sunday and are now preparing for their baptism and wedding. We are just looking for a judge to marry them. They are a very nice family, and are showing their desires every week by attending church.
Not much else new, the weather is getting a lot warmer now so I am drinking lots and lots of water during the day. I have been talking to Jake, who just got home from his mission, it's crazy how fast time is flying by, he told me it's a little tough to adapt to the world after he got home haha.
Hope you and the family have an awesome week, I`m glad to hear the U.S. is doing well in the olympics, how is the cooking foods from different countries going? You should make something from Paraguay and send me a picture when you make it! I reccomend Chipa Guazu or Sopa Paraguaya. Always keeping you in my prayers! Can`t wait to hear from you next week!
Elder Spiro

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With the branch president, Allan Torres

Brenda's baptism 8/14/16