Monday, April 18, 2016

Week of 4/18/16

Gracias por su carta y estoy feliz a saber que todo esta bien con ustedes. This week was much better, it has still been really hot outside, but I always make sure to wear sunscreen haha, and drink a lot of water. Something that helps us when we are contacting a house is asking for water, a lot of the times the people just say "another day" when we show up to a new house, but when we ask for water, they´ll come to the door/gate haha. We did unfortunately have a family tell us that they are going to stay in their church, and they didn´t need us to come back anymore, but I know we have planted a seed for future missionaries to come and teach them!

We didn´t have any investigators that we had invited show up to church but a member brought 2 friends from her school that were interested in learning more about the church. And on Sunday, we went with Brother Aguayo to contact some references that their family had given us, and we had a lesson last night with a lady named Paris. She is going through some problems right now and she is searching for a church to help her. She had gone to the Catholic church but she had attended the Mormon church when she was younger so she wanted to learn more. We talked about the Restoration and I felt the spirit really strong, and at the end of the lesson she turned to me and said she knows God has sent us to help her and she wants to attend church this Sunday too! I had tears in my eyes at the end of the lesson, I have a testimony of how the spirit can testify to the people we teach, letting them know it is the truth.

Not much else new, we will be going to the temple as a mission on May 3rd, so I´m really excited for that. The Aguayo family hasn´t gone through the temple yet because they have to wait 1 year to be sealed as a family, and they are planning to invite us, so that will be super awesome too. Thanks for the packages you sent, I´m sure the food will be gone within the week haha. Hope you have a good week Mom, thanks again for the updates and pictures too! Can´t wait to hear from you soon, I keep you all always in my prayers!

Te Amo Mama!
Tu hijo,
Elder Spiro

FHE with one of the members

A sign the elders found at the church haha

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