Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Weekend

Hola Mamaaaaaaaa,

Mi semana fue super buena, yo disfrute la conferencia mucho, and I hope you did too! To be honest, the general conferences here in the mission are better than Christmas, I just love hearing all the talks and getting the most out of every word. I noticed they talked a lot about families in this conference, and a lot about the duties of a priesthood holder. To answer your question, our zone all goes to the stake center to watch the conference, and there is a room for the English speakers, who want to listen there, so basically, all of the American missionaries haha. I really like the talk that focused on the needs of the refugees too, to show that it is a very big issue, and we can do our part in the smallest of ways that will help largely. 

We found a new family that we are teaching, they had talked to the missionaries before but only their kids got baptized. We are helping the dad drop a few addictions, and also we are helping the mom to support him more in this big change in his life. They are a very nice family, we had a family home evening with them and also it was the birthday of one of their daughters. We have also been working with Celzo, but the only problem is that he needs to attend church, and we think his parents aren`t giving him permission. But we are going to keep working hard, and using what we learned from the conference. I forgot to tell you I didn`t get transferred from the area, and my companion didn`t either, so all is good.

Thanks for your email Mom, hope you have a good week with the family and I`m glad to hear Camille enjoys her art class. Thanks for all of the pictures of the family and of grandpa you sent, and I keep you in my prayers every day too! Can`t wait to hear from you!

Te Amo!
Elder Spiro 
Church in Posta Leiva

Watching conference with the other missionaries at the stake center

Taking the bus to watch conference

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