Monday, April 11, 2016

Week of 4/11/16

Hola Mama,

Sorry, but I don`t have any new pictures this week, lame I know. To answer some of your questions, my week has been good, we worked hard and it was super warm all week, but rained on Saturday and Sunday, and here, the people usually don`t do anything when it rains so we only had about 30 people in church. Our investigators didn`t come either, but I`m not sad, I know that we will always have successful weeks and other ones when we don`t have much success, that's just part of the mission. I felt a lot better on Sunday after taking the sacrament and listening to the testimonies of the members. Fast and testimony meeting is always my favorite Sunday. My companion is from Guatemala, and its funny because I had another companion named Elder Lopez from Guatemala too. He is really cool, we get along well and he has the same sense of humor as me, so we don`t have any problems. I have learned a lot from him about the Book of Mormon, because he has read it a lot of times, so that helps.

Not much else exciting happened this week, just a lot of walking haha, but we have been working with the Aguayo family that just got baptized. Brother Aguayo received the priesthood on Sunday and they are planning to go to the temple this Saturday, they already have names of their ancestors that they want to do temple work for. We also started to teach another family that at first was a reference from other members, but after they didn`t really want to talk the first few times we showed up, but one night we came and asked if we could just share a 5 min message with them, and they listened, and the next time we came by we talked with the whole family and the dad had a ton of questions, it was pretty awesome.

Thanks for the package Mom, don`t worry about sending shoes or anything big for now, I bought some here recently and are working good, and thanks for your spiritual thoughts and ward updates. Thanks for the pictures of Grandpa, it is cool to see how different looking the missionaries were back then, I`m going to try and take a picture like one of his haha.  For now I`m doing good, I keep you in my prayers every day, and can`t wait to hear from you!

Te Amo Mama!
Elder Spiro

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