Monday, March 7, 2016

Feliz cumpleaños!! 20 años!

First I want to say thanks to everyone who has sent me an email wishing me happy birthday! Sorry that I won`t be able to respond to all of you but thanks! It means a lot and I may be far away from home, but I am very grateful and love you all!

Hola Mama!

Thanks for everything you sent! I haven`t gotten my bday package yet because some Elder in the office messed something up with the mail this week, or that's what I`ve been told. But its okay, another week won`t kill me to wait. I`m glad you guys finally got my letters and I hope that was alright for a Christmas gift, really lame and 3 months late, but I`ll send them 3 months in advance for the next Christmas! 

It feels really weird to be 20, and it hasn`t really hit me yet, being here on the mission, I kind of forgot it was my birthday until last week when it was Camille`s bday. Luckily my birthday falls on a Pday so we can relax a little but we are also having a family home evening tonight with the family we are planning the wedding and baptism for. They are going to make lasagna, I`ve only eaten it once here in Paraguay, and I`ve been craving it for a long time! Yesterday, we had lunch with a family after church and they made me a bday cake too! It was awesome, I just wish I would have brought my camera to take some pictures. 

I can`t express how grateful I am and how much has changed in this year from 19 to 20, I feel like I literally am becoming more of an adult and I learn a lot everyday. The mission is an experience, and there really is no way exactly to describe it. I am extremely grateful that I made the decision to serve a mission and I know that this is where I need to be at this time in my life.

This week was great, besides cleaning the temple we had 4 investigators attend church! They are progressing and 2 of them are investigators we have found recently too. Thanks for everything again, and I`m sure I`ll be saying it more after I get my bday package. I hope you have a great week and I can`t wait to hear from you soon! Let me know if I can do anything for you! 

Te Amo Mama!!!!
Elder Spiro

Pictures from cleaning the temple last Monday

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  1. Feliz Cumpleanos Elder Alex! Love seeing the pictures of him happy and healthy and working hard!