Monday, March 14, 2016

Week of 3/14/16

Gracias para su carta, siempre disfruto leyendo como están ustedes. Estoy muy bien y feliz! It was probably the most uncelebrated birthday I`ve had but for sure one of the best. I didn`t get the bday packaqge yet, but hoping tomorrow I will get it because we will be in the office of the mission for a conference, a member of the 70 is coming to talk to us. Luckily, it has been cooling down a bit here in Paraguay, so its not too bad walking around all day. We only had 1 investigator come to church this week but we had a stake conference that was really good. We heard from President Wilson and his wife, which was pretty cool.

The baptism and wedding we had is being postponed becasue they had someone pass away in their family, so we are going to give them some time with their family. We talked with them last night and we rescheduled for the 26th of March. We also met a really cool investigator this week named Selzo. He is only 15 but is really smart and has a ton of interesting questions. We passed by his house the first time and gave him a pamphlet to read about the Restoration. And the next visit he brought out a notebook with a bunch of questions haha. There were questions about the golden plates, and the apostasy, and if we have a prophet and apostles today, and we are going to visit him tomorrow, because we gave him a Book of Mormon and marked a part for him to read.

Not much else, we have been working hard, and my companion and I get along well, so all is good. Hope you are doing well too and hope you guys have fun in California this week, and make sure to send lots of pictures! Thanks in advance again for my birthday package and can`t wait to hear from you soon! And Go Utes!

Elder Spiro

View from the roof of the elder's apartment

Birthday lasagna

Lifting with Elder Sherwood

Stake Conference in San Lorenzo

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