Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Hi Mom,

First of all, I think I forgot to thank you for the picture book that you sent me through the mail, so thanks a bunch for that, I look at it every night when I am writing in my journal. Also, thanks for the songs you sent me in your email. I actually found a bunch of church music on so don't worry about sending me any, and if you could send me those books you found, that would be awesome too. If they are big, don't worry about sending them though because it will probably be really expensive. Dave's mission experiences would be awesome as well. Also, if you could send me a pillowcase because I forgot mine at the MTC so I've been using a blanket as a pillowcase. Sorry to ask for so much, thanks for everything mom.

This week has been a good one. Not the most productive, because it rained a lot and people don't usually want to talk when its raining, but great nonetheless. We had 5 investigators show up to church on Sunday, which is awesome as well! 

We are planning on baptizing one of our investigators this Saturday, he is the one in the pictures. He is so excited, he is always asking about his baptism and what time it is. We also gave him a white shirt and tie to wear for Sundays, and we brought him a cake because it was his birthday this week. It was really awesome, he shared his testimony after he blew out the candles and he was crying and thanking us for helping him change his life around. The spirit was felt all around for sure. And on Sunday, he went around with us to some of our lessons. It was so awesome, he had a scripture he wanted to share and he bore his testimony in a few of the lessons, he is already a missionary! 

We also went to Asuncion this week for interviews with the new mission president, it was cool to talk to him. He doesn't speak English at all, but it's ok because I understand a lot more now. We also have to go to Asuncion this week for a test, basically just questions about how our training has been these past few weeks.

I hope all has been well for you in Arizona, I'm sure its really warm. I know summer vacation is almost over, so you'll be back to watching Will soon, I'm sure he has gotten bigger since I've seen him. If there is anything you need from me, feel free to tell me, like if you want me to write my emails in a different format or something. I love you mom and I keep you and the rest of the family in my prayers every day and night.

Love you,
Elder Spiro
Elder Spiro's apartment 

An investigator and his mom.  Celebrating his birthday.

Morning view from the elders' apartment

Elder Spiro's work desk

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